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Personal Safety

Virtually all activities in life entail some level of risk from the calculated to the random. By accurately assessing these risks and taking precautions that make sense, you can better protect yourself and the people and things you love. The following tips will not guarantee 100 percent safety, but they will minimize criminal opportunities.

Home Safety

While it's difficult to protect your home from professional thieves, most home burglaries are done by amateurs. These thieves are more easily thwarted if you employ simple security precautions.

Internet Safety

Modern technology has allowed us the ability to connect, communicate and conduct financial transactions online. However, with the convenience of this technology there comes a certain amount of risk. It is important that the information you are transmitting is done so securely and with safety measures in place to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones and property.

Child Safety

Kids will be kids and make mistakes no matter what is taught to them. But the more often and better you communicate important information about strangers, how to react in an emergency and who to trust, the less likely your child is to become a victim.

Pet Safety

Pets are an important part of many families. Here are tips and precautions for keeping them safe at home, on the road and from themselves.

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